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In 2017, two visionary professionals—an architect and an interior designer—established an innovative interior pre-fabrication procurement company. Build2B aimed to revolutionize the way people designed and built their interior spaces by leveraging the latest technology and design trends.

From the very beginning, our founders have been committed to creating a company that sets new standards in the industry. They have brought together a team of talented designers and engineers who share their vision and set out to create a range of pre-fabricated interior products that would be unmatched in quality, design, and sustainability. 

Build2B’s philosophy has been to create spaces that look beautiful and provide a comfortable and functional environment for their users. To achieve this, the team worked closely with clients to understand their needs and design spaces that would exceed their expectations. Build2B's portfolio includes a wide range of pre-fabricated interior products, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, and bathroom fixtures. 


One of the key advantages of the Build2B’s pre-fabricated products is their ease of installation. Unlike traditional construction methods, the company’s products can be installed quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and cost of a project. Additionally, the pre-fabricated products are manufactured using sustainable materials, reducing the environmental impact of the construction process. 

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Over the years, Build2B has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry, winning several awards for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. Today, we continues to push the boundaries of design and technology and is a leading supplier of pre-fabricated interior products to the residential and commercial markets. 

The founders’ shared passion for design and their commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind our success. Our dedication to creating innovative solutions for the interior design industry has made BUILD2B a leader in sustainable, efficient, affordable, and innovative interior design solutions.

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